About Us

United Parking  is a privately owned parking company which provides parking management, valet, ambassador and shuttle services. We consider ourselves a boutique provider for a multitude of products types including: hospitality, retail facilities, casinos, and gaming facilities, shopping centers, and restaurants.


Why Choose Us

Training and development of our associates, at all levels of the organization, is critical to our business philosophy of constant improvement. We must constantly focus on developing our associates if we are to retain them. As a result, we invest in top-level orientation programs to get everyone off to a great start. Thereafter, we provide regular and ongoing training throughout our organization. We offer opportunities to grow and learn through various development programs, including our Management Training Program. The goal is to constantly improve as an organization, while allowing each of our associates to realize their own individual aspirations in the process. Successful daily operations require an experienced leader to enforce our company's strict policies on professionalism, appearance, and attention to detail.

First impressions are a crucial part of maintaining our professional reputation, therefore all our attendants are always well groomed in uniform.