Current Available Positions

Valet Attendant

Valet drivers are expected to be well-groomed with excellent customer service and driving skills. The driver should demonstrate a sense of professionalism and courtesy that earns the trust of customers. He should also be able to quell any concerns car owners might have about handing over the keys to their vehicles. In addition, the driver must correctly record the make, model and exact location of each vehicle he has parked in case another driver has to retrieve the car. In some instances, a hotel valet driver might assist with loading or unloading luggage for guests.

Valet Supervisor

Valet supervisors oversee valet attendants and other staff that perform valet services. They may create and coordinate work schedules, assign posting positions, record guest phone calls and requests for valet service and train subordinates on venue features and services. Depending on the industry and establishment, valet supervisors also collect, secure and distribute guest room keys, coordinate luggage deliveries and distribute pertinent guest arrival and departure details to team members. Other duties include ensuring the lobby, entrance and baggage storage areas are clean and presentable; collecting and submitting time sheets; conducting performance reviews; and ensuring that valet equipment and supplies are working properly.


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